Tailored mediterranean memories

We are MED, we design and create personalised activities in the Mediterranean.

We’re experts in creating activities, whether incentive trips, board meetings, kick off events or team building programmes. But most of all, we’re experts in understanding the needs of your business.


And our expertise is built on passion. We love developing experiences from scratch, tending to every detail so that magic can happen.


Because we know that after a journey, an experience or an unforgettable moment, what remains are the once-in-a-lifetime memories.


Because we’re sure you’ll be able to recall the smell of the sea that afternoon, the sound of the pebbles underfoot, or the colour of the wine as you raised your glasses to the future.


Because what you remember isn’t the time that passed, but the feeling that infused the whole day and how easily it can transport you there once again.


Welcome to Mediterranean, to our Mediterranean, to your Mediterranean.


Welcome to tailored mediterranean memories.


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Committed with the Mediterranean

- Let's save lives -

Proactive Open Arms

ONG from Badalona (Barcelona) built by volunteer lifeguards devoted to save lives at sea.

They live the other face of the Mediterranean. From MED we want to contribute in order that Proactive Open Arms can continue rescuing people by giving 1€ for each person who sails with us.


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