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What to eat on board? Pairing of menus and destinations for each ship

What to eat on board? Pairing of menus and destinations for each ship


The subject of food is an important point to keep in mind whenever there is a plan involved, but have you ever wondered what is the most comfortable thing to eat on board a boat?

Cooking on board is not easy and not only because of the movement but because of the size of the kitchen since on a boat, depending on its size, space can be limited, so we have to know that it is the most comfortable thing to do when solving the food theme. Depending on the type of stay and boat our advice varies. We present you a perfect pairing of boat, food and destination, so that you encourage this summer to sail the Mediterranean.


  • Afternoon in Barcelona in Catamaran + Healthy menu

If you spend a summer afternoon aboard one of our catamarans, we recommend that you prepare a fresh, light and digestive meal to combat the heat and be able to enjoy some good baths in the Mediterranean. An ideal menu could be a healthy snack accompanied by a variety of delicious salads and a few shots of gazpacho.

As for the pica-pica, you can prepare some wraps, some brusquettes and some veggie crudités to eat with hummus and guacamole. As for salad, we recommend options such as the Caprese salad, which is ideal to prepare on the boat, since you only have to cut tomato slices, fresh mozzarella slices, fresh basil and black olives. The pasta or rice salad combined with chicken or prawns is also a good option when preparing something simple and fresh. For dessert, following the healthy line, you can make a fruit salad with all kinds of summer fruits.

If you fancy an afternoon like this, we recommend our Lagoon 400. This catamaran touched the water for the first time in 2021 and is ready to be released in the summer season. Ideal for you to go on board with friends and enjoy a full Mediterranean afternoon. How do you see yourself premiering a 0km catamaran?

2 peculiarities of this type of boat:

✅ Airy spaces

✅ A lot of stability (for those who get seasick on board 😉)

If you are interested in renting a catamaran in Barcelona, you can see more options here.


  • Weekend in Costa Brava by yacht + chef on board + cava

For those planning a luxury weekend on the Costa Brava, we propose a pure comfort yacht trip, where you can have your private chef on board, thus freeing yourself from any worries.

The chef will send you the delicious menu options where you can choose your favorite dishes and make special changes. You can choose a wide variety of dishes, from delicious squid, a good smoked salmon, pasta or even a tender baked meat. Our yachts come with fully equipped kitchens and enough space for you to have as much privacy as possible.

If you have this plan in mind, you can rent a yacht like the Acquario. A 21 meter long Sunseeker Predator 68, newly refurbished in 2020. It has a sophisticated and elegant exterior and interior design, with a large aft sundeck to relax in the sun, a fully equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms and 3 cabins. We distinguish it for its great navigation fluidity and speed. Aqcuario is the ideal yacht to make a luxury getaway to the coves of Costa Brava 🏝👌🏽


  • Afternoon on the coast of Barcelona sailing on a yacht + paella

If you want something good to eat with friends and share a good summer afternoon without worries, but you do not want to start cooking, nor do you have a budget in mind for a chef on board, we remind you that food delivery is also available for boats. A good option to order on board is a Mediterranean menu such as Andalusian squid, mussels and paella. If you fancy this outing, you can also take into account the restaurants in the port where we are (Marina Vela Barcelona), since they have different options. You can order Italian food there at Velissima Barcelona, ​​Mediterranean tapas at Camping Mar or a more traditional menu at Port Vela.

If you are looking for a yacht charter in Barcelona to enjoy this plan with friends, we recommend our Ocean Barcelona. A super comfortable yacht and space of 17 meters in length. It is fully equipped and ready to turn on the music and lie down on the large bow sundeck, pour yourself a drink in the stern chill out or get your feet wet on the submersible platform. Also, if you want to indulge yourself you can enjoy activities such as paddle surfing, jet skiing or snorkeling and then enjoy a delicious paella on board.

  • Cruise to the Balearic Islands by sailboat + easy and fast dishes

If you are thinking of sailing and sailing in the Balearic Islands, we recommend you bring food, pre-cooked or vacuum-packed dishes, that is, they only need to be heated, are comfortable and last a long time. In general, cannelloni, lasagna, cans of meatballs, lentils, bean stew and pizzas are very easy and quick to prepare, especially if the trip is going to be on a sailboat where to always be attentive to navigation is paramount for safety. When you finish your journey, try to indulge yourself and stop at a coastal restaurant to eat delicious fresh fish.

To carry out this type of crossing, we recommend you rent a sailboat such as our 14-meter Barefoot sailboat, with a capacity of up to 12 people plus captain during navigation and 6 sleeping. The boat is a Sunseeker Predator 68, which can go up to 38.00 knots of speed and has:

  • 1 indoor and 1 outdoor table

  • Armchairs

  • Wooden deck

  • Sun and shadow space

  • 3 cabins

  • 2 bathrooms

  • Airy space






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