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This is MED and Fent Pais raffle a sunset sailing

This is MED and Fent Pais raffle a sunset sailing


Together with Fent País we want to teach the Catalan community a unique way of knowing our city: from the Mediterranean.

The views of Barcelona are exclusive from the sea. You can appreciate the entire Skyline of the city, seeing the most emblematic monuments such as Tibidabo, Sagrada Familia and Torre Agbar from another perspective. In addition, while the sun hides behind the Montjuic Mountain and the last ray falls, the city is dressed in shades of pink and orange.

For this reason, this Monday, November 23, 2020, we have launched a raffle from the Instagram accounts (@fentpiascat and @thisis_med) for an outing on our Barefoot sailboat for 2 people to sail during the sunset along the coast of #barcelona

To participate, users must follow both accounts @fentpaiscat and @thisis_med and comment on the post tagging who they will share the gift with. Users can participate until Sunday, November 29, that same day the winner will be announced via Instagram stories.


Fent Pais is the first responsible leisure and tourism cooperative. A meeting point between people, entities and companies that seek the common good of Catalan society through leisure and proximity tourism.

What they are looking for is that the local public can opt for a local, local product, thus the investment of their purchase is directly attributed to the people close to them and their well-being, reinforcing the local economy. In addition, you must not forget that proximity is also positive for the environment and this is where at CUIDAMOS EL MAR we are happy to continue betting on our goal. Buying and consuming local products we contribute to sustainability, since we help reduce emissions caused by the transport of distant products, as well as reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and consequently reduce the carbon footprint. In addition, by making shorter journeys, many packages do not need as much protection, thus using less amount of harmful and polluting materials such as plastic. Consuming these products is also positive for our health, because they tend to contain fewer additives since they take less time to reach the final consumer. This implies that the product we buy is fresher.

According to Juan Luis Durich, CEO of Consum, at, “The economic crisis has made consumers much more demanding in their purchases. In addition to worrying about price or quality, customers are increasingly aware of their responsibility and demand from companies a more sustainable attitude from an environmental and socio-labor point of view. They want to buy quality products at an affordable price, but they also choose products and services from companies that have an ethical behavior, related to sustainability and environmental respect for their surroundings. With local products, local economic development is stimulated, employment is generated and the environment is respected, basic qualities of corporate social responsibility and ours.¨

From This is MED, we support this initiative as a company responsible for sustainable tourism, who does not want the house to be in a clean and well-kept order? We do! 🧜🏽

That is why from #CUIDAMOSELMAR we follow the path towards a new model of tourism, based on the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement and together with Fent País we support sustainable local consumption and, above all, leisure and responsible tourism.

What does responsible leisure and tourism mean?

A way to travel and get to know different parts of the world in a respectful way with the communities and the environment. Responsibility lies in what you do during vacations or weekend getaways, in terms of what you consume, visit, the activities you do, and ultimately where you invest your money.

In Spain we have an extraordinary country, with a great culture and natural environment. What the community does not know is that it is not necessary, to be thinking of visiting exotic countries and thousands of kilometers when when a few hours or perhaps minutes, there are many incredible places to visit. For example, surely many who live in Barcelona will know the Costa Brava very well and will have spent thousands of summer weekends there, but has the trip there ever been a journey from the sea? At MED we not only offer boat rentals in Barcelona, ​​but we also carry out experiences on board such as sailing through the Mediterranean Sea to the Sant Feliu de Guixols area. An environment surrounded by nature to spend the day on board, sailing and discovering this authentic coastline with cliffs and hidden bays. The views from here are totally different from anything that is known by route. Not so far from home, you can enjoy the sun and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. We also assure you that reaching a restaurant on the coast from the sea has another flavor.

For more information on this journey you can visit our website here and for other experiences in the sea of Barcelona click here.

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