Barcelona & surroundings

  All year

  15 – 60 pax

  35 m

  1 bath

  6 cabins


The Southern Cross is a classic yacht for events in Barcelona built by order of the Royal English family. This exclusive and elegant boat, which preserves all the details and furnishings of its Belgian royalty, is ideal for the most exclusive plans, such as dinners, lunches,  cocktails, business meetings and perfect for large events on board. It contains large indoor and outdoor spaces, with a capacity of 60 people, which make the group comfortably sit while enjoying the views of the city and its skyline.

The SouthernCross offers us three spacious decks and a jacuzzi, where passengers can comfortably enjoy sailing with exclusive cocktails. It also maintains its dining room and its original interiors of the royal family, where your guests can travel in time to feel all the breathtaking atmosphere.

This luxurious boat is also equipped with a semi-covered part with comfortable sofas, where you can catch the wonderful views of Barcelona by having a glass of wine, champagne or exclusive gastronomic variety.

This exclusive yacht is ideal for exclusive events. You will enjoy your high-end dining options and live music with the best surroundings of the tranquility that comes from the Mediterranean sea.

Discover the Mediterranean, its corners and secrets Embark at the port of Barcelona and surprise your guests with a unique event with wonderful views of Barcelona and its most important monument.

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