Barcelona & surroundings

  Team Building

  All year

  15 – 80 pax

  2 hours


A team building activity at sea that combines the best of sailing and teamwork in a relaxed environment.

This activity is a percussion workshop on board one of our boats, where the whole team works together to achieve a common goal.

The world’s most ancient rhythms, beaten out on a djembe; an age-old practice designed to help overcome inhibitions, release tensions and relax. The activity aims to develop concentration, communication, and rhythm, all in the extraordinary setting of our own private yacht, at sea and as the sun goes down.

Creativity and improvisation combine until the long-awaited moment when the sun sets over the city skyline, whether in Barcelona, Costa Brava, Sitges or Mallorca. The events end with a final drumming session at sunset, a truly magical moment.

What’s included?

  • Boat charter for events in Barcelona, Mallorca, Sitges or Costa Brava.
  • Percussion workshop.


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