Corporate Astrology

Enjoy Our Astrology Workshop on a Boat in Barcelona

Discover the fascinating world of Corporate Astrology in Barcelona through an onboard event exclusively designed for your team. An expert astrologer will analyze the lunar positions at each member's birth, unveiling key aspects of their personality and highlighting group compatibilities that can be fundamental for the team's success.

The experience kicks off with an introduction to astrology and its relationship with the moon, the sea, and human emotions. The astrologer will guide everyone through a journey of self-discovery, identifying individual strengths, affinities, and potential connections among team members. This deep understanding enhances workplace dynamics and strengthens bonds among colleagues.

Our experience promotes openness and genuine connection among team members. Astrology becomes a tool to comprehend how individual energies can influence collective success. It fosters cohesion and collaboration, identifying both strengths and weaknesses while promoting communication and empathy.

The day concludes with a spread of fresh fruits and natural infusions, a perfect way to culminate this team-building event. This is a unique experience that promotes harmony and team growth, offering a fresh perspective on collaboration and working together.



Embark at Marina Vela, Barcelona


Briefing and introduction to astrology and the significance of the Lunar Sign


Lunar description of each attendee


Round of individual questions


Disembark at Marina Vela

  • Sunset sail boat trip 
  • Crew
  • 3 hours sailing 
  • Astrologer on board
  • Personalized lunar chart study for each of the attendees
  • Group activity 
  • Infusions and fruit on board


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