Marina Vela, Spain
pax 11
pax pernocta 0

Fjord 36 Xpress

OFFLINE - Motoryacht

"Rent Elegant Boat Offline in Barcelona"

The OFFLINE is a sleek and sophisticated boat, designed to maximize space efficiency and offer a comfortable and luxurious experience. Its minimalist design allows for easy movement on board and provides a relaxing and uncluttered environment to enjoy the best of the Mediterranean.

But what truly sets the OFFLINE apart is its power and speed. Equipped with an advanced engine, this boat is capable of reaching speeds of 25 KT while maintaining stability.

Whether for an exciting adventure or a relaxing sunset, the OFFLINE guarantees a unique and thrilling sailing experience. Immerse yourself in luxury and excitement with the OFFLINE and discover a new level of freedom on the water.

Technical data

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People Pernocta Toilets
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