Come and live this unforgettable experience where the power of the stars merge with the tranquility of the sea

Come on an astrological journey sailing aboard with a professional astrologer to discover everything about your moon sign and the astrological compatibility with your friends, family, or co-workers. Learn all about this ancient science and the relationship between the tides, our emotions and the moon. 


We will start with a welcome presentation and briefing on the boat: the astrologer will introduce herself and introduce us to the world of astrology and its influence with the Moon, the Sea and our emotions. Before starting the group activity, the astrologer will give each of the attendees a card with a description of their Moon sign. This moon sign is the analysis of the positions and movements of the moon at the time of birth of each person, so the attendees will be asked to provide their exact date and time of birth. 

Arranged in a circle that harmonizes the energy of the group, the astrologer will reveal the most interesting aspects of each person's personality and the compatibilities between the participants. She will highlight the qualities that make them unique, while finding links and affinities between them. An atmosphere of openness and connection will be created where each member of the group will experience a sense of self-knowledge and greater understanding of the others.

We will finish with a snack of fruits and natural infusions while we navigate and comment with our companions how they have felt and what has been the experience of each one.


Come and live this unforgettable experience where the power of the stars merge with the tranquility of the sea! An incredible experience of greater understanding of ourselves and our relationship with others.


Available boats



Embark at Marina Vela, Barcelona


Briefing and introduction to astrology and the significance of the Lunar Sign


Lunar description of each attendee


Round of individual questions


Disembark at Marina Vela

  • Sunset sail boat trip 
  • Crew
  • Astrologer on board
  • Personalized lunar chart study for each of the attendees
  • Group activity 
  • Infusions and fruit on board